A living wall is a vertical built structure covered by vegetation. Also referred to as green walls or vertical gardens they are commonly associated with many natural environmental and health benefits. Living walls can be installed indoors or outdoors to an existing wall or suitable structure.

Outdoor and indoor living walls have many health and environmental benefits:

Improved air quality: One of the most significant benefits of a living wall is to improve the quality of the air. Living walls are known to increase the oxygen levels, in both indoor and outdoor environments, enhancing personal well-being and increasing productivity. Studies have also shown that they can also reduce nitrogen dioxide and particulate matter by between 40-60%.

Biodiversity: Livings walls also become an extension of the natural environment for species of butterflies, bees and numerous insects.

Decrease ambient temperature: Living wall plants can absorb and reflect sun heat through a process known as evapotranspiration, keeping areas cool. Buildings with outdoor living walls can be up to 20° cooler than their counterparts. The layer of thermal insulation created by a living wall also helps keep a building insulated during winter.

Decrease noise: Living walls can make a noisy room quieter. The plants of an indoor and outdoor living walls can absorb sound.

Protecting the environment: You may not think that a living wall can do much to fight climate change but it can help to offset your individual or your company’s carbon footprint. Every little contribution can make a big difference!
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Living Wall Pots & Brackets
One of the easiest living wall system to install and take care of. Whether it be small DIY project or a larger commercial living wall project. The living wall pots easily hook on to brackets, our back panel, support rails, square mesh, chained-wire fencing and lattices. The list goes on.

ideal for home-owners, restaurants, cafes, guest houses, B&B, hotels,and lodges wanting fresh herbs and vegetables right off the wall to kitchen.

With larger living walls. We recommend using irrigation lines connected to a water source. Making it easy to water your plants. The water drains from one living wall pot row down to another.

green roofs South Africa
Living Wall Trays
Another one of our easy to install modular living wall systems.
● Easily expandable.
● Support coner and cylindrical walls.
● Easy installtion of irrigation hoses and pumps.
● Different sizes of plant pots can be placed on the same levels.

Sets available in sizes:
(3 tier)
68 x 21 x 60.5 cm
30 x 21 x 60.5 cm
Individual plant tray sizes:
68 x 19 x 7 cm & 30 x 19 x 7 cm
Back board size:
60.5 x 30 x 3.3 cm

green roofs South Africa
Live Wall Picture Frame
Bring the outside in with the Live Wall Frame. A unique design in your office or home. Available in three different colors, this planter can blend in or stand out in your next project. It is recommended to use 10cm - 12cm plants in their original grow pots, which will allow 9-12 Plants to fit total. Ideal for both commercial and residential installations. Safety clips are included for easy mounting.

● For indoor use
● Fast and easy to install and manual watering.
● Each frame has 3 trough style plant holders, which each hold about three to four 10cm - 12cm grow pots.
● Three 2-liter reservoirs for an average 4 week watering cycles.
● Water level indicators for easy watering.
● 61cm x 61cm Available in White, Black and Anthracite.

Living Wall Plant Pot Hangers
A fresh new way to hang your plant pots. Use with clay or ceramic pots up to 30cm wide with a flat bottom and a center drain hole.

Single Pack
Includes one 33cm hanging kit
Double Pack
Includes two 33cm hanging kit
Triple Pack
Includes one 43cm and two 33cm hanging kit

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